Like I said: A puppet!

Hillary Clinton’s recent tweet led me to reflect and write some words:


My beautiful creation so beautifully formed

Perfect in every respect

Languid and limp

He casts a loving eye on his master

who sits back, cracks his knuckles

A benevolent smile, he chuckles


The puppet stirs, runs his fingers

Comb like, through his thinning hair

A shallow smile, don’t I look great

A little twist and shimmy

The strings are tightening

Time to warm up and come out fighting


A sad tale of dirty money and debt

Authorities incompetent and inept

Peep shows, porn-stars and pimps

Poisoned post-truths and bloated blimps

The audience looks on dumbstruck and mute

Distracted by the piper’s seductive flute


Walls of delusion

Mired in swamps of collusion

It’s just fake news folks

Don’t believe a word they say

Slight of hand deceitful distractions

Contortions and contractions


He whispers from behind the curtain

Tell them, “make us great again“

Make them hollow promises

Look like you actually care

Shed a tear, like a sad-faced clown

Wash away their silly fears, then double down


The strings swivel and harden

Offer them platitudes and a pardon

It’s performance time!

Stiffly he pivots, snuffles and sniffs

Stands erect and spins and swivels

Holds his breath, inhales and snivels


Right hand out he gestures

Watch my lips carefully

Don’t over-analyse or reflect

The art of the deal is very simple

I promise you I am the real deal

You just follow and come to heel


“Stop“ the master snarls

Enough of these distractions

I’m in charge, not you!

Just dance and keep your mouth shut

I’ve paid the piper and I decide what he plays

When he opens his mouth and what he says


A petulant, sullen pout

Downcast eyes he looks about

Inflamed, the audience egg him on

Come on maestro, do your very best

Give us a decent show

Display how low you can go


The cubicle quivers, the strings twitch

The spectacle continues, on and on

The audience stares in growing disbelief

Exhausted, disenchanted and perplexed

A deep chuckle, you deluded fools

Who promised to stick to the rules


The people slowly drift away

The puppet master yawns and sighs

My work is done, there’s nothing more to do

He stands up and smiles

As they say, every dog has his day

he spits on the stage and walks away

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