Finished today – silly and free spirited!C3DF50C9-BB1E-47B9-89A1-2544BA7262CD


Balinese Temple

Finished this today. My interpretation of an amazing night-time scene in Bali – thanks Alistair Scott.

Robed and Wigged

Painting of a large group of barristers robed and wigged up

Village Life – Bandhavgarh India

Just finished these today. Portraits of striking young women living in the same village home, married to five brothers. Tried to capture their self assurance, calm and dignity.

Van Gogh Exhibition Melbourne

Fabulous painting with brooding and anguished atmosphere – the parsonage garden at Neunen. 

Young Woman 

Painted today – a self assured young farmer’s wife at Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh, India 

New Moon

Second painting just picked up by Jo Van der Walle. A big painting for a big wall!


A large commission (2m x 1m) just done for Jo Van der Walle and Daniel Carol.

Turner Study

Today’s effort, a study of an early Turner, painted in the traditional Georgian style.

Norfolk Painting School

Very excited and privileged to be doing the Atmosphere and Light course this week. This is a study of Murphy.