Van Gogh Exhibition Melbourne

Fabulous painting with brooding and anguished atmosphere – the parsonage garden at Neunen. 

Young Woman 

Painted today – a self assured young farmer’s wife at Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh, India 

New Moon

Second painting just picked up by Jo Van der Walle. A big painting for a big wall!


A large commission (2m x 1m) just done for Jo Van der Walle and Daniel Carol.

Turner Study

Today’s effort, a study of an early Turner, painted in the traditional Georgian style.

Norfolk Painting School

Very excited and privileged to be doing the Atmosphere and Light course this week. This is a study of Murphy.


This painting by Cuban artist Wifredo Lam, 1939 untitled, part of an exhibition at the Tate Modern, struck a chord with me. It’s almost unfinished but hauntingly beautiful and elusive. See ly/tVug307mQeL

Suffolk Beach Study

My second home study painting 

A Norfolk Creek

My first home study –A painting for my upcoming residential course at the Norfolk Painting School in January – can’t wait.

Cane Cutter Comes Home

Pleased to see my painting of a Shangaan cane cutter come back home to Miles Mathew’s home in Mntunzini in KZN.